After reading some of the facts about the benefits that come with solar panel installation, perhaps you are not thinking about having them installed in your own home. Now that you’re already decided, the next vital step would be to select a reputable solar installer that can install the solar panel system for you. Choosing the best installer is important because if you fail to do so, it can result in poorly-done work that often leads to severe problems like a leaky roof or faulty wiring. Here are some tips to remember to prevent experiencing that:  

Ask for the turnaround time 

Now that the solar system is becoming more popular now, solar installers usually get tons of job requests. So, it would be best to ask a particular service provider to provide you an idea about the possible schedule and when they can begin working on your installation. Moreover, ask for an estimation about how many days will be required for them to complete the job.  

Know what warranties they offer 

See what type of warranty the company offers since this is an important aspect while selecting a solar installer. The contract of the service may involve warranties of the workmanship, the system’s performance guarantee, and maintenance policies. When warrant policies are present, try to know more details about what is actually covered in the warranty and how long does it cover. Commonly, a great installer is willing to provide a warranty that can last from 5 to 10 years on their services. Just guarantee to read the fine print to prevent you from being disappointed later.  

Read up on the solar installer’s client testimonials and reviews 

Reading all reviews and feedback found online can provide you a great idea about the track record of the company. Take time to go ask their referrals about their experiences while working with such a solar installer and if the company accurately understood their needs and was able to pull off in giving services accordingly. You can also try asking your neighbors, family, and friends for recommendations based on their past experiences.  

Verify and inspect the credentials of the solar installer 

Checking the expertise and certifications of different companies are some of the great ways for you to narrow down your options. Ask them for you to know more regarding their past work and if they’re experienced in installing solar panel systems on a roof type similar to yours.  

Calculate the request for bids and costs 

Ultimately, try to contrast the bids from different companies and installers that you want to consider. Although, never let the cost be your basis for selecting an installer for your house. When something appears too good to be true and inexpensive, then it probably is. Installers who offer quite a low rate probably utilize low-quality products that will just result in becoming more expensive down the road.  

If you want to get a reputable solar installer to work on your home, let us know today and we will help you find a professional one.